Prices at Intuition Centre

Our prices are very competitive in the current tuition market. The prices are currently fixed as per below, however depending on number of students and hours booked there maybe room for reduced fees. Please contact us for further information on this.

There may be discounts available for more than one child from the same household, multiple subjects and any referrals, again please contact us for further information.



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Revision Courses* – Maths, English & Science (£8 – £10 per hour)

Primary – 2 hour session (£12.50 per hour)

Key Stage 3 & GCSE – 2 hour session (£15 per hour)

One off hourly session – (£30 per hour)

All payments are made in advance before the session.

*Number of hours and days will be disclosed when revision courses become available throughout the year.


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