Intuition started in 2012 to offer affordable, additional educational support to children and young people, residing in Gatley and surrounding areas.

Our tuition classes are available to children and young people aged 8 – 16 years on preparation for examinations at all key stages. In partnership with parents/guardians and schools, we aim to identify and remove barriers to learning by raising student’s self esteem and improving attainment in order for students to become confident learners. We also support those who are already exceeding targets by progressing towards outstanding performance.

We invite parents/guardians and students to discuss their educational needs and indicate areas of concern at point of registration. This gives us an understanding of individual needs in order to provide an efficient service. Intuition offers support with homework and coursework, based on a ratio of one to small group tuition.



  • To support parent and children in transition from primary school to secondary school.
  • To promote healthy home school liaison empowering parents/guardians to make informed choices about education.
  • To identify and eliminate barriers to learning by setting targets with parents and children in order to raise academic achievement.


Our Staff

All members of our staff are DBS checked and each are fully qualified and experienced in teaching Maths, English or Science. Members of staff have completed additional training such as Child Protection, First Aid and Health & Safety.



We show respect to everyone we meet and we listen carefully to our students needs. We believe in our tutors professional ability and determination to do their very best.


We have a professional attitude towards tutors, students, and others while representing Intuition. We ensure every tutor is qualified and has the right tools, knowledge and skills to carry out their work. We are always sure to follow laws and procedures in all our outgoings.


We love learning and we commit to our students’ engagements, both academic and personal. We take great pride in helping our students maximise their own potential. We are always sure to listen to others in order to consistently improve our service and offering.


We adopt a positive attitude towards customers, co-workers and others we come into contact with. We are always focussed on finding constructive solutions to any problems that we face.